Welcome to Dragonfly Holistic Healing Center.  We are now located right across from PCC in Fremont:

3401 Evanston Ave. N, Suite A, Seattle 98103

We are right above the “Red Door” restaurant.  Take the elevator to the second floor of Atrium offices!


Dragonfly Community Acupuncture has reopened with a new practitioner!  Diane Chen EAMP specializes in gentle treatment that quietly transforms the body’s energy dynamics.  Book an appointment to experience the difference!


The Practitioner:

Diane is trained in gentle techniques that “unwind” the body while shifting the energetics.  She believes that whispering to the body is often more effective.  She uses ultra fine needles but engages the body in a deep level.  Her clinical interests include: chronic conditions, fatigue, digestive issues, chemo and oncology support, pain management, stress reduction, women’s health, surgery recovery and scar treatment, sleeping issues, depression and anxiety.  If you are unsure about whether she treats a certain condition, please feel free to give her a call at 425-243-4325.

The Facility:

Dragonfly’s community acupuncture occupies a spacious room with two large windows overlooking Evanston Avenue and PCC.  The treatment room features two cushy tables separated by screens.   Patients will have the opportunity to fully relax and rest on the comfortable table while receiving treatments.

The Treatment:

The practitioner will first do a brief intake and take pulse, look at tongue and palpate channels and points to find reactive spots.  Then the practitioner will use one very fine needle to treat the “root” of the disease pattern and also harmonize the abdomen.  Treatment on the back could be part of this stage especially if the condition has been there for a period of time and has reached the organ level.  In the next phase the practitioner will leave a few needles in while letting the patient rest for 10 to 30 minutes.   Upon taking the needles out, the practitioner may also do a few light contact needling on the neck and shoulder to release stress common in this area.  Each appointment usually lasts 30-60 minutes.

Hours of Operation:

The clinic is open on Tuesdays and Fridays from 2pm to 6pm.  Appointments are on 30 minutes intervals which allows the practitioner to give each patients ample attention and care.


$30-$50 flat fees on sliding scale — you pay what you would like to.  The first appointment requires a $10 filing fee.  We accept cash, check and credit cards.  $2 is added to credit card transactions.


Take care of you body today and make an appointment!  If you have any questions regarding the clinic, please feel free to call Diane at 425-243-4325.



Note: Thank you for visiting our website.  We are reconstructing the website and more information about other practitioners and services at Dragonfly will be added later.